Scanner Family Real-Time Cased Hole and Fluid Characterization Services

Downhole multifrequency measurements of flow and the well environment

Unique advances in real-time downhole measurement from Scanner Family rock and fluid characterization services overcome many of the conventional limitations in the ability to measure and understand the cased-hole environment. Scanner Family real-time data minimize cased hole risk and maximize reservoir productivity:

  • Make multifrequency measurements at multiple depths simultaneously
  • Directly measure properties in real time instead of accepting the uncertainty of estimated parameters
  • Accurately and nonivasively evaluate cement and casing and zonal isolation
  • Understand complex flow in deviated and horizontal wells

EM Pipe Scanner

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Fully Evaluate the Annular Environment and Casing

Isolation Scanner
Isolation Scanner cement evaluation service combines classic pulse-echo technology with ultrasonic flexural wave imaging to accurately evaluate any type of cement and its relation to the annulus and casing.
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