Wireline Pipe Recovery

Free-point, backoff, & standard pipe recovery services

Schlumberger brings together more than 100 years of pipe recovery and electric wireline expertise to meet every onshore and offshore wireline need. Specializing in free-point, backoff, and standard pipe recovery services, Schlumberger pipe recovery capabilities include onshore, offshore, and inland water projects, as well as compatibility with both industry-standard and proprietary equipment.

Pipe recovery operations

  • Retrieving free-point and backoff tools
  • Jet and chemical cutting
  • Tubulars severing
  • Hydraulic cleanouts
  • Casing and tubular perforating
  • Setting plugs, packers, and gyros

Wireline services

  • Setting plugs and packers
  • Gauge ring and junk basket running
  • Gyroscopic survey running
  • Collar locator, gamma ray, and casing and tubing caliper logging
  • Noise/temperature logging

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