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Eliminate or reduce flaring

Achieve zero flaring in your operations or minimize its impact

Production Facility image with abstract background and transition technologies arrows.
Production Facility image with abstract background and transition technologies arrows.

Net zero or otherwise—we'll help you reach your targets

No matter what stage you’re at in decarbonizing your operations, we can help you achieve tangible results by eliminating or reducing the impact of your flaring activities. We have invested in industry expertise, partnerships, and innovative technologies to help you drive business performance while simultaneously reducing your environmental footprint.

Image of non-efficient routine and non routine flaring on offshore platforms, showing the emissions statistics. Image of efficient routine and non routine flaring on offshore platforms, showing the emissions statistics.
Note: According to 2020 IEA estimates, the average global combustion efficiency of flares today is 92% (www.iea.org/reports/flaring-emissions). Improved combustion efficiency reduces GHG emissions. Emissions shown are estimated based on SLB environmental impact quantification calculations. Actual emissions may vary depending on fluid type, composition, flow rate, and other factors.

Eliminate what you can. Flare efficiently when you must.

The energy industry faces a dual challenge of reducing emissions and meeting global energy demand. Eliminating or reducing flaring achieves both goals by freeing up energy that would otherwise be burned. We offer solutions to help our customers achieve zero flaring or minimize emissions in routine and nonroutine flaring operations. Where flaring is unavoidable, we work to maximize combustion efficiency and minimize CO2e emissions. Our team works to understand your goals and help you meet them with our end-to-end emissions solutions and quantifiably proven footprint-reduction technologies.

Aim for quick wins and long-term strategy

Target routine and nonroutine flaring emissions.

Eliminate where possible

Achieve zero flaring in your operations.

Minimize when necessary

Reduce flare volume and maximize burn efficiency.

Find commercially viable alternatives 

Monetize gas that would otherwise be flared.

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SLB End-to-End Emissions Solutions

Our experts deliver comprehensive services to help you measure, monitor, report, and ultimately eliminate methane emissions and routine flaring quickly and cost effectively. This includes gas-to-X technologies to help find alternatives for monetizing gas that would otherwise be flared.

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Case Study—BP Oman significantly reduces CO2 emissions for Khazzan Project, onshore

BP Oman reduces >80,000 t of CO2 emissions for the Khazzan Project

Working together, BP Oman and SLB implemented a green completions technique that adapted a well cleanup solution from a greenhouse gas-producing activity to one that prevents GHG emissions.

The result was zero-flaring delivery of new wells to a central production facility.

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Photograph of fit-for-basin zero-flaring solution for the Khazzan Field.
Case Study—Integrated approach reduces environmental impact in New Zealand, offshore

Integrated approach reduces environmental impact from well testing activities and sets benchmark, New Zealand

In a collaborative multiphase effort, a customer and SLB implemented a well testing solution that reduced the environmental impact of these activities offshore New Zealand.

Learn how we helped implement a well testing solution to decrease total gas and condensate volumes flared and ensured no overboarding of treated fluid.

Read the full case study 

Image showing facility to treat contaminated condensate at the surface, New Zealand
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