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Full field development solutions

Collaborate to drive high performance sustainably for low carbon impact

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Partner with us to drive solutions that reduce environmental impact throughout the life of your asset

While individual technologies may meaningfully reduce your environmental impact, the biggest impacts occur when entire projects are planned collaboratively. Early engagement is key. When we work together to understand the project drivers early, we can help assess the relative impact of the available options. Our teams then design the solution that best fits your project’s needs. This way, the right technology is selected and deployed the right way to realize maximum benefits—for your business and a balanced planet.

Full Field Development Solutions
Open collaboration for asset performance enhancement

Maximize value and minimize emissions in complex projects

In production operations, our collaboration with customers has driven highly complex and differentiated subsea and completions solutions that have avoided thousands of metric tons of CO2 and have contributed to a large reduction in energy consumption. The results create maximum value while achieving cost-efficient production and lower carbon impact.

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See our solutions in action

Watch how we helped Vår Energi avoid additional infrastructure for two new subsea wells and reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions using rapid multilateral systems.

Case Study: Vår Energi Avoids Constructing Two New Subsea Wells
Accessed additional reserves with minimal emissions impact using retrofit multilaterals
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  • Horizontally and vertically oriented Cynara H2S and CO2 separation membranes.
    H2S and CO2 separation membranes

    Separate acid gases from produced natural gas without chemicals. View link button arrow

  • Apura gas separation membrane for natural gas sweetening via H2S, H2O, and bulk CO2 removal.
    Gas separation membrane

    Natural gas sweetening via H2S, H2O, and bulk CO2 removal. View link button arrow

  • NATCO DUAL FREQUENCY electrostatic treaters, coalescers, and desalters on site.
    Electrostatic treaters, coalescers, and desalters

    Use both AC and DC power to significantly improve processing vs. conventional AC electrostatic technologies. View link button arrow

  • Abstract render of a multilateral system with blue wells and glass reservoirs tagged with the Footprint Reduction icon
    Rapid Multilateral Systems
    Expanded reservoir exposure

    Increase reserves access with laterals that enable well reentry and expansion while minimizing surface costs. View link button arrow

  • Subsea Multiphase Compression System
    Subsea Multiphase Compression System
    World's first true subsea multiphase compressor

    Eliminate requirements for upstream separation or antisurge systems. View link button arrow

  • HiWAY flow-channel fracturing technique
    Flow-channel fracturing technique

    Maximize oil and gas flow through hydraulic fractures by creating infinite-conductivity channels in your proppant pack. View link button arrow

  • ReacXion Complete fully dissolvable frac plug
    Fully dissolvable frac plug

    Eliminate milling with a robust frac plug that isolates reliably and then dissolves rapidly to enable fullbore production. View link button arrow

  • Maximus Eon motor improves ESP reliability with cooler running temperatures as compared with previous-generation ESP motors.
    REDA Maximus Eon
    Extended-life, install-ready ESP motor

    Increase ESP reliability and lifetime with a cooler, more robust high-efficiency motor. View link button arrow

  • Permanent magnet motor for REDA ESP pumps.
    ESP Permanent Magnet Motor
    Reduced energy costs and improved ESP performance

    For oil and gas, mine dewatering, and geothermal REDA ESP pumps. View link button arrow

  • REDA Multiphase HPS Horizontal Multistage Surface Pump with Transition Technologies branding
    REDA Multiphase HPS
    Horizontal multistage surface pump

    Handles up to 90% gas volume fraction; used for zero-flaring well tests, well cleanup, and production boosting. View link button arrow

  • Two subsea operators looking up a a boosting pump
    Subsea Boosting Systems
    Increase well flow and recoverable reserves

    Handle GVFs up to 100% mechanically and fluid viscosities from 1 to 4,000 cP at startup. View link button arrow

  • Thiopaq oil and gas biodesulfurization system
    Oil and gas biodesulfurization system

    Convert H2S in gas streams to solid sulfur ready for agriculture or disposal. View link button arrow