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Health and Safety

Schlumberger is a recognized industry leader in Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) performance. The Company is committed to maintaining the highest health and safety standards for employees, customers, and contractors. Our commitment encompasses health and safety risks in the workplace, the field, and during travel on Company business.

Our management team applies rigorous policies and standards throughout the Company. The principles by which we conduct our operations worldwide are defined in the Schlumberger HSE Management System. In addition, we have a long-standing commitment to sharing best practices through technical papers and other means such as active involvement with industry trade associations and specialist HSE organizations.


To reduce work-related and location-specific health risks, Schlumberger promotes industrial hygiene, ergonomics, a healthy lifestyle, and preventive medicine.


Schlumberger’s commitment to safety is included in our Code of Conduct, which also details the Company expectations and regulatory compliance requirements for all Schlumberger employees. Our corporate HSE Policy is publically available.

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