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To reduce work-related and location-specific health risks, Schlumberger promotes industrial hygiene, ergonomics, a healthy lifestyle, and preventive medicine. Good health management helps to reduce illness in the workplace, increase employee and family well-being, minimize medical evacuations, and streamline health care costs. It also helps the Company increase customer retention and satisfaction, optimize business performance and the Company’s reputation, and reduce project disruptions while protecting the health of all involved.

Employee Health Assessments

All our employees undergo medical checks to ensure their fitness level is adapted to the medical environment of the project to which they have been assigned. To reflect the findings and conclusions of the fitness evaluation of our employees, 15 levels of fitness restriction have been defined. Employees having potentially serious health/medical issues are prevented from working on remote operational locations (i.e. offshore, on a vessel, or on a project located more than one hour from the nearest secondary or tertiary medical facility). This restriction has greatly helped to reduce the number of medical evacuations during the last 15 years.

Health Risk Assessments

We conduct a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) before a new operation begins and regularly thereafter. The HRA determines the risk level of the upcoming operation based on the activity performed and the exposure to potential and existing medical and/or work environment health hazards. Results of the HRA are combined with an assessment of our medical Emergency Response Plan to ensure that an efficient and reliable response is provided in case of emergency.

Health Training

Schlumberger has developed specific health training and certifications in response to identifying the health risks that have the potential for rapid global expansion, including SARS, H1N1, Ebola, and Zika outbreaks.

Cardiovascular Diseases

Cardiovascular diseases are the most common causes of non-occupational deaths in Schlumberger. In 2017, Schlumberger created a cardiovascular disease awareness campaign that was translated into 10 languages and distributed to Company locations worldwide.

Health Campaigns in Angola

Schlumberger employees in Angola implemented a Kill the Buzz campaign at multiple locations to raise awareness about malaria prevention and misconceptions. Attended by nearly 300 employees, the campaign encouraged early diagnosis and testing in both adults and children. Each event concluded with a quiz during which employees received mosquito-repellent nets and other items as prizes.

Employees in Luanda, Angola, held a Make a Child Smile campaign to cheer up children who were in-patients on the pediatric ward of the Americo Boavida Hospital in the city. Employees donated 120 toys as well as crayons and coloring books to the children.

Heart Healthy Campaign

Heart Healthy Campaign

Schlumberger has been supporting the Houston Heart Walk, which raises funds for the American Heart Association, for six years. In 2017, a team of 320 employees and their families joined the walk to raise awareness about the benefits of exercise. Schlumberger also continued a global Getting Heart Healthy campaign to raise awareness among employees about how to prevent the development of cardiovascular risk factors and what to do in case of heart attack. Company employees around the world came together to support the campaign.

Health and Wellness Campaign in Singapore

Employees at the Singapore Center introduced a health and wellness campaign for employees that included participation in Singapore’s National Corporate Steps Challenge, an exercise event, and an information session on the effects of noise and the importance of proper office ergonomics. These events provided fun and interactive ways for employees to stay healthy at work.

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