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Katharina Beumelburg Chief Strategy & Sustainability Officer

Message from the CSSO

It is a pleasure to share with you for the first time my perspective on sustainability in Schlumberger. As someone who is passionate about the power of technology to drive positive change, I came to Schlumberger confident that we will be a sustainability leader, not only based on our culture of governance and social responsibility, but also by being at the leading edge of energy transition through technology innovation.

I strongly believe that we must all be committed to a net-zero future to avoid the worst effects of climate change. The oil and gas sector has a critical role to play in the transition, which makes building a more efficient and sustainable industry the business imperative for the coming decade. I am proud to be with Schlumberger on this journey to a more sustainable future.

The corporate strategy that Schlumberger set into motion two years ago recognized the need to drive resilience for the company and the wider industry. Sustainability is a key aspect of that resilience, and it is essential to embrace sustainability in the core of our strategy and in everything we do. I see energy technology companies such as ours actively shaping energy transition toward a decarbonized future.

The corporate strategy for the next five years is robust, and I am excited to drive the extension of this strategy into the medium-to-longer term, where sustainability and our decarbonization expertise will continue to evolve and solve global energy challenges.

Schlumberger has a long and rich history of innovating and reinventing, based on our people and our culture rooted in science and technology. This is an exciting time of opportunity for us, and I am proud to be able to contribute to this most promising journey.

Katharina Beumelburg Chief Strategy & Sustainability Officer
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