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Investing Locally

In 2017, our community investment focus continued to address social issues such as health and education. Because we care about our impact on society, we focus on areas where our organizational strengths, our technological expertise, and our cultural values can have the greatest impact. Typically, this takes the form of investing in activities that involve education and training in STEM subjects.

Our philanthropic activities reflect the Company’s values and focus on a limited range of social and educational issues that call for strategic involvement and partnerships with community organizations. We make our largest commercial investments in academia for basic and applied research that we conduct in partnership with top universities, where we also contribute millions of dollars annually in reservoir software, training, and support. Our in-kind contributions to the community include Schlumberger products, equipment, services, and other noncash items, as well as 3D printers, refurbished computers, office supplies, and office furniture.

Socially Responsible Company

For the ninth consecutive year, Schlumberger was recognized by the Mexican Center of Philanthropy as a socially responsible company. The award was received in recognition of Schlumberger’s charitable work in Mexico through programs such as SEED, HSE for Youth, Good Neighbors, and the Jueguetón program. The award reflects the Company’s commitment to having a positive impact in the communities where we live and work.

School for Volunteers

More than 1,000 Schlumberger employees live and work in Tyumen, Russia, and there is increasing interest in volunteerism in the area. In 2017, Schlumberger launched a school for volunteers with a goal to train them to participate more effectively in community events, including sporting activities and workshops for young people. The pilot volunteer training class was held in February.

Family Day in Norway

OneSubsea, a Schlumberger company, hosted a Family Day in Horsøy, Norway, for more than 200 employees and family members. The focus of the event was on health and safety. Participants received training in first aid, fire safety, boat safety, and driving safety. The event provided an engaging way for families to learn about safe practices and develop a greater understating of how to be safe while in the workplace and on vacation.

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