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Social and Economic Impact

Reflecting our belief that diversity spurs creativity, collaboration and understanding the needs of our customers, our global workforce represents over 170 nationalities with product sales and services in more than 120 countries.

Our employees are committed to working with our customers to create the highest level of added value. Knowledge communities and special interest groups within our organization enable teamwork and knowledge sharing unencumbered by geographic boundaries. At the local level, we help countries build capacity and resilience by providing employment and training for local workers and procuring goods and services locally. We take a long-term interest in our communities and strive to create shared value with actions that generate business value while also generating social value.

Investing Locally

Our philanthropic activities reflect the Company’s values and focus on a limited range of social and educational issues that call for strategic involvement and partnerships with community organizations.

Human Rights

Schlumberger is committed to supporting the United Nations General Assembly Universal Declaration of Human Rights and committed to respecting the principles in The International Bill of Human Rights.

Supply Chain

Schlumberger Supply Chain Services provides our field and manufacturing locations with supplier management, strategic sourcing, logistics, and inventory management.

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