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Technology Advantage

As a service company, Schlumberger aims to be the performance partner of choice and meet the needs of our customers, including their sustainability objectives and targets. Several of our customers have made public commitments to reduce their carbon emissions footprint, better protect biodiversity, and use fewer natural resources. To help our customers achieve their sustainability goals, Schlumberger currently has approximately 100 technologies or solutions that reduce emissions or negative impacts on local biodiversity.

Evaluating Potential Impacts Through Digital Technology

By understanding potential impacts to the environment earlier in the life cycle, optimization and efficiency gains can be better integrated so as to add the most value in sustainable operations.

Starting at the earliest stages of operations, Schlumberger’s ambition is to incorporate sustainability aspects into our engineering and operational products and services during the planning and commercial evaluation cycle, proactively demonstrating awareness of sustainability metrics and risk mitigation.

In 2012, we began developing a modeling software that focused on calculating environmental metrics related to well stimulation, such as emissions, air quality, water use, noise, and chemical exposure. This software tool has undergone substantial revisions as we have worked to enhance the modules to more fully evaluate well sites from preparation through production. We are now contributing with our experience and expertise in this field as one of the founding members of the Open Footprint™ Forum with the aim of developing open and vendor-neutral industry standards to provide consistent and accurate measurement and reporting of environmental footprint data.

We continue to leverage the development and methodology behind this software, which has been integral to developing some of Schlumberger’s environmentally focused technologies, such as the BroadBand Sequence* fracturing service and the StimCommander* automated stimulation delivery platform.

We also work closely with industry partners, customers and other stakeholders to provide enhanced development planning and communication across the industry, independent of whether Schlumberger is providing the services. For inquiries, please connect with us here.

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