Schlumberger at ADIPEC | 15–18 November 2021 | Schlumberger

Join us at ADIPEC 2021 to see how Schlumberger is driving performance through innovation and advancing the path to net zero.

Hear from several of our executives sharing their thought leadership in the Strategic and Technical Conferences.

At Booth 4330, our showcase—Innovation and Decarbonization—will feature presentations and technical panel discussions with our experts, customers, and partners. We'll cover a range of topics impacting the industry as well as case studies that demonstrate the performance of our products, software, and services.

Booth Presentation Schedule

Day 1 Agenda

Monday, 15 November

All times are UTC+04:00.

Time Presentation Title Speaker
10:30 Transition Technologies: Minimize Well Construction CO2 Footprint Simon Edmundson
Intelligent Power Management Steve Kerr
11:30 Autonomous Directional Drilling: Delivering Autonomous Downhole Control Through Every Section of the Well Gilles Vié
12:00 PeriScope Edge Multilayer Mapping-While-Drilling Service Janine Maalouf
12:30 Allegro CD Directional Casing-While-Drilling Service Hesham Darwish
13:00 Achieving Digital Ambitions: Working in Partnership with OMV Markus Berghofer (OMV), Trygve Randen, and Mark Gibbons
13:30 Designing Wells with Automated Workflows from the Subsurface to the Drilling Program John Watters (OMV) and Trygve Randen
14:00 Accelerating Learnings with Automated Data-Driven Reporting Ricard Kucs (OMV) and John Hanson
14:30 DrillSync Automated Controls Platform Jan Alvaer
15:00 Drilling Fluid Advisor: Advancing Digital Performance with Drilling Fluids Gabe Manescu
15:30 MONGOOSE Max High-Capacity Shaker: Delivering Fluid Recovery and Waste Reduction to the Max Julien Radiu
16:00 Performance Live Digitally Connected Service: Beyond Remote Operations Ramiro Oswaldo Vasquez Bautista
16:30 SnapScan Rapid Bit Grading Application Biju James

Presentations are subject to updates as the event approaches. Check back for updates!

Key Technologies

Minimize Well Construction CO2 Footprint

Transition Technologies

Reduce emissions per foot drilled.

Intelligent Power Management

Comprehensive power optimization

Tailor a solution to meet your objectives for fuel efficiency, emissions, and engine life.

Autonomous Directional Drilling

The future of drilling wells is here

Unite all the technology, engineering, and domain expertise that Schlumberger has amassed for a century.

PeriScope Edge

Multilayer mapping-while-drilling service

Achieve the highest confidence for precision steering decisions in razor-thin reservoirs.

Allegro Casing- and Liner-While-Drilling Services

Minimize NPT and drilling risks in unstable formations

Improve well-construction performance, efficiency, and coordination while reducing wellbore instability.


Automated controls platform

Seamlessly synchronize surface and downhole parameters.

Drilling Fluid Advisor

Taking drilling fluids digital

Optimize drilling fluids to complete your drilling system with the right expertise anytime, and from anywhere.


High-capacity shaker

Increase solids- and fluid-handling capacity by 35% and fluid recovery by 40%.

Performance Live

Digitally connected service

Improve performance and consistency using a digital ecosystem enabling access to expertise anytime and anywhere.


Rapid bit grading application

Never spend hours examining bits cutter by cutter. The SnapScan app captures every cutter detail in minutes.

Day 2 Agenda

Tuesday, 16 November

All times are UTC+04:00.

Time Presentation Title Speaker
10:30 Transition Technologies: Reduce or Eliminate Flaring Simon Edmundson
Ora Platform: Deep Transient Testing Without Flaring Ashers Partouche
Addressing Well Testing and Cleanup Emissions with EverGreen Burner and Zero-Flaring Solutions William Antonio and Alexander Zhandin
11:30 ThruBit Services: A New Approach to Wireline Logging Khaled Sassi
12:00 Reinvent Your Intervention with ReSOLVE iX Service Ben Durand
12:30 INNOVATION FACTORI: Realize the Full Potential of AI and Digital Shripad Biniwale
13:00 Harness the Power of Light with Schlumberger Fiber-Optic Solutions Najib Gharib, Nick Fundytus, and Adnan Chugtai
14:00 Performing with Sustainable Purpose: Achieve Sustainable Performance Using Water-Based Mud Gabe Manescu
14:30 PureFlex Surface Fluids Logging While-Drilling Service Ivan Fornasier
15:00 HiWAY Fracturing Technique: Improving Your Production with Reduced Impact Paul Hosein
15:30 OpenPath Stimulation Services: The Most Efficient Path to Your Carbonate Reservoir Philippe Enkababian
16:00 High-Salinity High-Viscosity Friction Reducer (HVFR) Samuel Bremner
16:30 Operational Efficiency in Fracturing Operations Enrique Villarroel

Presentations are subject to updates as the event approaches. Check back for updates!

Key Technologies

Reduce or Eliminate Flaring

Transition Technologies

Predict and minimize emissions.


Intelligent wireline formation testing platform

Experience your reservoir like never before.

Zero-Flaring Well Test and Cleanup

Less emissions. Greater returns.

Deploy zero-flaring solutions for surface well testing and cleanup operations.


Minimal environmental impact well effluent burner

Achieve well test and environmental objectives with fallout-free, smokeless combustion of liquid hydrocarbons.


Through-the-bit logging services

Log a full wireline measurement suite beyond gravitational descent.

Slot Cutter

Precise, versatile cutting for various downhole applications

Enable up to 200 cuts per run with this alternative to conventional mechanical or explosive tubing punchers.



Accelerate AI adoption for the energy industry.


Schlumberger fiber-optic solutions

Harness the power of light for multidomain measurements in a fraction of the time of conventional methods.

Optiq Seismic

Fiber-optic borehole seismic solution

Improve efficiency of borehole seismic operations by eliminating the need for a dedicated seismic descent.


High-performance water-based drilling fluid system

Reduce torque, drag, shale swelling, and dispersion in environmentally sensitive shale.


Surface fluids logging while-drilling service

Provides fast and true at-surface hydrocarbon composition.


Flow-channel fracturing technique

Maximize oil and gas flow through hydraulic fractures by creating infinite-conductivity channels in your proppant pack.


Stimulation services

Maximize wellbore coverage with fiber-based diversion and improve production with engineered acid stimulation.

Engineered Fracturing Fluids

Technology to optimize BroadBand services

Effectively stimulate the well regardless of water quality, proppant volume, or location constraints.

Cameron Frac and Flowback Equipment and Services

Data-enriched stimulation and fracturing surface equipment

Consistently perform at maximum capacity with reliable, efficient technology.

Day 3 Agenda

Wednesday, 17 November

All times are UTC+04:00.

Time Presentation Title Speaker
10:30 Transition Technologies: Address Methane Emissions Simon Edmundson
Schlumberger Emissions Management: Shaping the Path to Net Zero Kahina Abdeli-Galinier
High-Emitting Sites Prediction Using Machine Learning Mouna Zaidani (AIQ), Alaa Maarouf, and Samat Ramatullayev
11:30 Transition Technologies: Full Field Development Solutions and Electrification of Infrastructure Simon Edmundson
Full Field Development Solutions Paul Sims
Edge AI and IoT Solutions: Enabling Sustainable Operations Jitender Sharma
12:30 Schlumberger Electric Energy System: The Future is On Paul Sims
Electrify Your Wells Jose Magri
13:30 Process Live Data-Enriched Performance Service Jamie Littler
14:00 Fast-Track Production Facility Delivery Malcolm Corsie
14:30 Production Chemistry: Improving Revenue, Reducing Costs, Good Chemistry Stewart Thompson
15:00 Water Treatment and Injection for Maximum Oil Recovery Gary Mellor
15:30 Maximizing Wellhead Integrity Through Digital and Fit-for-Purpose Solutions Neil Waghorne
16:00 Unlocking Value with AI: Automating Waterflood Optimization Garud Sridhar
16:30 Production Operations: Data, AI, and Automation for All Dileep Divakaran

Presentations are subject to updates as the event approaches. Check back for updates!

Key Technologies

Address Methane Emissions

Transition Technologies

Measure, monitor, and assess operations to minimize impact.

Process Live

Data-enriched performance service

Optimize hydrocarbon processing to deliver on-specification product and reduce costs.

Full Field Development Solutions

Transition Technologies

Collaborate to drive high performance sustainably for low carbon impact.


Edge AI and IoT solutions

Harness the power of edge computing and data analytics with our open, secure, and scalable platform.

Electric Energy System

The Future is On

Produce low-cost, low-carbon energy with fully integrated electrification of facilities.


Electric production and reservoir management system

Optimize recovery by monitoring and controlling flow from many zones and compartments in real time, even in multilateral wells.

Production Facilities

From design through operations

Maximize recovery, accelerate production, manage risk, and improve project economics from the ground up.

Production Chemicals

Maximized production from reservoir to refinery

More safely improve and assure production with chemistry technologies, software, and mechanical solutions.

Water Treatment

Comprehensive water management systems

Enable comprehensive management of produced water, seawater, and wastewater.


Modular compact wellhead system

Work reliably in severe service conditions up to 10,000 psi and steep kickoffs.


Tuned production operations solution

Achieve your asset's true potential.

DELFI Production Data Foundation

Turn data into decisions, faster

Unify and enrich fragmented data in upstream production operations.

Day 4 Agenda

Thursday, 18 November

All times are UTC+04:00.

Time Presentation Title Speaker
10:30 Expanding Access to DELFI Environment with Hybrid Cloud-Based Solutions Using IBM Red Hat OpenShift Dariusz Piotrowski (IBM) and Jamie Cruise
11:00 Delivering Digital: AI Solutions for Smart Production Operations in the Middle East and Asia Garud Sridhar
11:30 Democratizing Enterprise AI for Energy with Dataiku Jad Khalife (Dataiku) and Sampath Reddy
12:00 The Egypt Upstream Gateway: Unlocking Access to Opportunity Through Digital Innovation Ahmed Atif
12:30 CemFIT Heal Flexible Self-Healing Cement System Saurabh Kapoor
13:00 Carbon Capture and Sequestration: Schlumberger Carbon Services and the Path to Net Zero Artem Fedorov
13:30 Laboratory and Digital Measurements: Enhancing Special Core Analysis Solutions Vitaly Afanasiev
14:00 Production Enhancement Research Facility (PERF): Power Your Productivity Zouhir Zaouali
14:30 Wireline Intervention Pressure Control Jonathan Haslanger
15:00 TruLink Definitive Dynamic Survey-While-Drilling Service Mahmoud ElGizawy

Presentations are subject to updates as the event approaches. Check back for updates!

Key Technologies


Cognitive E&P software environment

Unite planning and operations in a multidimensional environment.



Accelerate AI adoption for the energy industry.

DELFI Data Science

AI and analytics solutions for energy workflows

Build, manage, and deploy AI to solve your day-to-day challenges.


Artificial intelligence for the energy industry

Integrate the world’s best AI into one open, scalable experience.


Data discovery and marketplace platform

Stop exploring for data—start exploring for oil and gas.

CemFIT Heal

Flexible self-healing cement system

Ensure zonal integrity for the life of the well with a flexible cement system that, if damaged, repairs itself on contact with oil or gas.

Core Analysis

Reservoir rock sampling and analysis

Harness a full range of conventional and unconventional reservoir analysis services.

Perforating Laboratory Services

Performance prediction for improved efficiency

Simulate reservoir response and reservoir-to-wellbore interactions for a deeper understanding of expected performance.

Wireline Intervention Pressure Control (WIPC) System

Reliable, secure pressure control

Efficiently deploy wireline tools downhole with ensured surface well integrity.


Definitive dynamic survey-while-drilling service

Achieve real-time, high-definition wellbore architecture—from tophole to TD.

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