Schlumberger at Offshore Europe | September 3-6, 2019 | Schlumberger

Offshore Europe

Aberdeen, UK | September 3–6, 2019

Schlumberger 360 experience

Join us at Offshore Europe 2019 at booths 3H20 and 3G20 to learn how Schlumberger drives your well performance through technology and domain expertise. Learn from live presentations and our 360 Experience how new equipment, software, and services can help you optimize efficiency, increase reservoir recovery, improve operational safety, and manage project economics.

Schlumberger 360 Experience

In addition to live stage presentations about our newest technologies, the Schlumberger booth will feature our one-of-a-kind 360 Experience. Once you step into the theater, you will be surrounded by the sights and sounds of our technology at work. Speak to a Schlumberger representative on the show floor for more information.

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Tuesday, September 3 | Theater Presentations

10:00 | Concert Well Testing Live Performance—Experience Your Well Testing Live

10:30 | GAIA Digital Subsurface Platform

11:00 | Quanta Geo Photorealistic Reservoir Geology Service

11:30 | Drilling Equipment Services—Comprehensive OEM Asset Management

12:00 | Drilling Debris Management—Staying on Bottom Longer

12:30 | Technology Launch: i-Power Integrated Motor-Bit Modeling

14:00 | OptiWell Well Construction Performance Service

14:30 | GyroSphere MEMS Gyro-While-Drilling Service

15:00 | Technology Launch: Gas-Tight Liner Technology—Full Casing Integrity

15:30 | MaxFORTE High-Reliability ESP System

16:00 | Technology Launch: Breaking the Oil-Based Mud Barrier For High-Definition Dual-Imaging-While-Drilling Service

Wednesday, September 4 | Theater Presentations

10:00 | Subsea Integration Alliance—Delivering Smarter and Earlier

10:30 | Technology Launch: OneSubsea Powered Production Systems—Powered Production, Intelligent Recovery

11:00 | Subsea Integrated Field Development Solution—Enables, Accelerates, and Enhances Production

11:30 | LIVE Digital Slickline Services—Plug and Punch in a Single Explosive Run

12:00 | TuffTRAC iX Extreme-Performance Wireline Tractor

12:30 | Technology Launch: EcoFlex Multifactor Cuttings Evaluation-While-Drilling Service

13:30 | Special Presentation: Stewardship Tool—Measuring the Footprint of Operations

14:00 | DELFI Cognitive E&P Environment

14:30 | DrillPlan Coherent Well Construction Planning Solution

15:00 | Wellbarrier Illustration Tool—Managing Well Integrity Using an Objective Risk Assessment

15:30 | Fully Orchestrated Downhole Reservoir Testing Experience

16:00 | 3D Far-Field Sonic Service—Go Beyond Your Near Wellbore

16:30 | Technology Launch: Muzic Aeon Premium-Performance Wireless Telemetry

17:00 | 3D Cutter Blocks—Innovating from Blade to Block

Thursday, September 5 | Theater Presentations

10:00 | Technology Launch: Permanent Monitoring Systems

10:30 | FORTRESS-HP Isolation Valves—Handling the Pressure in Challenging Well Conditions

11:00 | HydraGlyde Optima Flexible High-Performance Water-Based Drilling Fluid System

11:30 | RheGuard Flat Rheology Drilling Fluid System

12:00 | Reducing the Drilling Risks with IriSphere Look-Ahead-While-Drilling Service

12:30 | Blade Family Technology—Reshaping Drilling Performance

14:00 | ACTive Xtreme CT Real-Time Rugged Downhole Measurement Tool

14:30 | GROVE IST Integrated Seat Technology Ball Valve—Next-Generation Ball Valve for Offshore Applications

15:00 | Digital Production Tree—Electric Actuation and Condition-Based Smart Surveillance System

15:30 | Audit to Optimize Service—Enabling Process Unit Efficiency

16:00 | Breaking Produced Water Bottlenecks

16:30 | OneSubsea Powered Production Systems—Powered Production, Intelligent Recovery

17:00 | Fontus Configurable Compact Wellhead System

Friday, September 6 | Theater Presentations

10:00 | Drilling Debris Management—Staying on Bottom Longer

10:30 | MaxFORTE High-Reliability ESP System

11:00 | Subsea Integration Alliance—Delivering Smarter and Earlier

11:30 | DrillPlan Coherent Well Construction Planning Solution 


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