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Address Fugitive Emissions

Measure, monitor, and assess operations to minimize impact

Methane (CH4) emissions have 84–86 times the potential global warming impact of CO2 over a 20-year period and are estimated to contribute more than 50% of the total CO2 equivalent produced from oil and gas industry operations.

Because of the scale and challenge of measuring fugitive CH4, the volume of the emissions produced in the oil field is an estimate. The industry demands solutions that deliver more precise detection and measurement in conjunction with hardware that can prevent or minimize the gas emitted.

We offer the broadest portfolio of ISO- and API-certified low-emissions valves and continue to research and develop industry qualification standards for fugitive emissions so that we can deliver new technologies to reduce your environmental impact.

To learn more about how you can address fugitive emissions, see our qualified technologies below.

Image of a production facility in the evening.

Transition Technologies that Address Fugitive Emissions

Low-Emission Valves

Select the right valves and maintain them properly to help prevent fugitive emissions.

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