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Minimize Well Construction CO2 Footprint

Reduce emissions per foot drilled

Reduce your energy consumption during operations

Oil and gas extraction activities create about 10% of current total E&P-related emissions. These emissions primarily consist of CO2 generated by fuel combustion to power rigs and other related infrastructure.

Although recent offshore electrification projects have shown success on platforms, translating this to mobile rigs presents challenges for units that move on a regular basis and require their own mobile source of power. A clear opportunity to reduce CO2 emissions in this space is to improve operational efficiency. This can be achieved on a component or project basis, resulting in reduced rig time, reduced transportation requirements, and improved fuel efficiency of generating systems that supply power to the rig and other infrastructure.

Emissions associated with drilling projects can also be reduced by using fluid technologies that have less CO2e embedded during their manufacturing process compared with traditional materials.

With a portfolio of Transition Technologies including drilling-efficiency enablers, cements, frac fluids with a low CO2 footprint, and power management systems that aim to maximize rig generator efficiency, we can help you reduce your emissions footprint while maximizing the value of your operations.

To learn more about how you can minimize your drilling CO2 footprint, see the first of our technologies and enablers below. To learn more about Intelligent Power Management systems, click here.

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Transition Technologies that Minimize Well Construction CO2 Footprint

Optiq Seismic

Fiber-optic borehole seismic solution

Improve efficiency of borehole seismic operations by eliminating the need for a dedicated seismic descent.


Automatic tank-cleaning technology

Minimize HSE risks, waste generation, and emissions.


Definitive dynamic survey-while-drilling service

Achieve real-time, high-definition wellbore architecture—from tophole to TD.

Performance Live

Digitally connected service

Improve performance and consistency using a digital ecosystem enabling access to expertise anytime and anywhere.

Intelligent Power Management

Comprehensive power optimization

Tailor a solution to meet your objectives for fuel efficiency, emissions, and engine life.


At-bit steerable systems

Integrated steering and cutting structure technology for unprecedented DLS capability, durability, and ROP.

PowerDrive Orbit G2

Rotary steerable system

Leverage increased abrasion resistance, higher DLS for tighter curves, and better directional control while lowering emissions.


CO2-resistant cement system

Mitigate the risk of CO2 degradation and leakage when cementing new CO2 injection wells or plugging and abandoning existing injection or production wells.

CemFIT Heal

Flexible self-healing cement system

Ensure zonal integrity for the life of the well with a flexible cement system that, if damaged, repairs itself on contact with oil or gas.


Intelligent wireline formation testing platform

Experience your reservoir like never before.


Offshore slop water treatment system

Reduce offshore drilling waste stream by up to 90%, reduce trips to shore, lower emissions and fuel use.

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