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Reduce or Eliminate Flaring

Predict and minimize emissions

Reduce or Eliminate Flaring
Ora intelligent wireline formation testing platform—deep transient testing without flaring

Achieve zero flaring or minimize emissions that can't be avoided

Gas and oil flaring from well cleanup, testing, and other oilfield activities results in CO2 and other greenhouse gases—including unburned methane—which, in total, accounts for an estimated 5% of E&P CO2e emissions. To address these issues, we deliver a portfolio of Transition Technologies and techniques that can eliminate the need for flaring or minimize emissions when the activity cannot be avoided.

Drillstem tests (DSTs) in exploration and appraisal wells determine far-field reservoir properties, hydrocarbon in place, and deliverability. However, they can be cost prohibitive and have a high environmental impact resulting from flaring and required rig time. Our Ora intelligent wireline formation testing platform may offer a viable alternative that eliminates the need for flaring and enables you to meet reserves-booking criteria.

In cases where oil flaring cannot be avoided during testing or cleanup activities, we can help you achieve optimal combustion efficiency, reduce fallout, and decrease environmental impact with the industry’s only DNV-certified well effluent burner. The burner reduces CO2e emissions per unit volume of oil burned and enables a 70% reduction in unburned hydrocarbon.

Zero flaring enables well testing and cleanup without flaring of hydrocarbons via a combination of infrastructure and a tailored hardware setup. This technique can save tens of thousands of tons in CO2 emissions compared with flaring.

Complimenting our options to reduce the impact of nonroutine flaring, Symmetry process software platform addresses routine flaring operations across a variety of applications.

To learn more about Symmetry platform and other software solutions that predict emissions and optimize your flaring plan, please contact us.

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Transition Technologies that Reduce or Eliminate Flaring


Process software platform

Capture all aspects of your models from reservoir to product distribution.


Minimal environmental impact well effluent burner

Achieve well test and environmental objectives with fallout-free, smokeless combustion of liquid hydrocarbons.

Zero-Flaring Well Test and Cleanup

Less emissions. Greater returns.

Deploy zero-flaring solutions for surface well testing and cleanup operations.


Intelligent wireline formation testing platform

Experience your reservoir like never before.

REDA Multiphase HPS

Horizontal multistage surface pump

Handles up to 90% gas volume fraction; used for zero-flaring well tests, well cleanup, and production boosting.

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