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Reduce or Eliminate Flaring

Predict and minimize emissions

Reduce or Eliminate Flaring
Ora intelligent wireline formation testing platform—deep transient testing without flaring

Transition Technologies that Reduce or Eliminate Flaring


Process software platform

Capture all aspects of your models from reservoir to product distribution.


Minimal environmental impact well effluent burner

Achieve well test and environmental objectives with fallout-free, smokeless combustion of liquid hydrocarbons.

Zero-Flaring Well Test and Cleanup

Less emissions. Greater returns.

Deploy zero-flaring solutions for surface well testing and cleanup operations.


Intelligent wireline formation testing platform

Experience your reservoir like never before.

REDA Multiphase HPS

Horizontal multistage surface pump

Handles up to 90% gas volume fraction; used for zero-flaring well tests, well cleanup, and production boosting.

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