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Pneumatic diaphragm actuator

Designed to the industry’s highest standards, the Dia-Flex pneumatic diaphragm actuator incorporates exclusive interchangeability, ease of maintenance, and durability. It is the first diaphragm-type actuator to eliminate O-rings from moving surfaces and is lighterweight than piston actuators.

The Dia-Flex actuator is compatible with the same accessories as other Cameron actuators. It operates gate valve sizes 1 13/16 through 4 in [46 through 102 mm] and comes standard with 12-, 14, or 18-in [305-, 356, or 457-mm] diaphragms. The actuator can be easily redressed due to the Polypak seal design around the rising stem. Additionally, the Dia-Flex actuator does not require disassembly when replacing the dynamic seal.

The actuator can be used interchangeably with our pneumatic or hydraulic actuators of comparable rating without replacing bonnet parts or changing adapter kits.

Cutaway of SSS Dia-Flex Pneumatic Diaphragm Actuator


  • External safety relief device, which protects the actuator from overpressurization
  • Quick-Disconnect bonnet that permits removal of the actuator without depressurizing the valve, greatly reducing downtime and lost production
  • Visible actuator shaft, which provides indication of gate valve position
  • Universal adaptability, allowing the actuators to adapt to Cameron accessories and all commonly used gate valves
  • Dual-wound opposed springs that ensure reliable closure with zero pressure in the valve body
  • Reliable diaphragm that enables smooth operation

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