Floating ball valves

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Cameron offers a broad range of valve technologies to meet your needs.

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Our NAVCO floating ball valves are ideal for offshore production, onshore production, unconventional, transmission and storage, topside processing, gas processing, LNG, and industrial applications.

Standard features

  • One-piece carbon steel reduced-port screwed-end ball valve
  • 316 stainless steel ball and stem
  • Blowout-proof stem
  • 2,000-psi water-oil-gas (WOG) pressure
  • 1/4 to 2 in [6 to 51 mm]
  • 150-psi saturated stem
  • Locking handle


  • ISO 9001-2000 Registered Quality System
  • ASME B2.1, BS 21, DIN 259/2999
  • NACE MR0175 (2002 Rev.) sulfide stress cracking-resistant
  • Materials for oilfield equipment
NAVCO H1L Ball Valves
NAVCO H1L Ball Valves