Floating ball valves

a ball valve in the field

Our NAVCO floating ball valves are ideal for offshore production, onshore production, unconventional, transmission and storage, topside processing, gas processing, LNG, and industrial applications.


  • Two-piece threaded-end ball valve, full port, 2,000-psi working pressure
  • Seal welding in full stainless version
  • Investment cast body
  • Fire-tested and certified API Standard 607 5th Edition
  • Working pressure: 2,000 psi
  • Conformance to NACE MR0175 (2002 Rev.)
  • Positively retained stem design
  • Handle locking device
Cutaway of the NAVO S20 floating ball valve
Cutaway of the NAVO S20 floating ball valve
Forklift in a warehouse.

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