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Choke Certification Program

Minimize premature failures and enhance uptime

Cameron employee using blow torch on silver valve.

Choke failures, particularly when you're working in high-producing gas fields, have huge costs and safety and production implications. Understanding the condition and performance of chokes as part of a proactive integrity strategy is the only way to eradicate such failures and deliver greater production uptime.

Adopting an OEM maintenance strategy helps you

  • increase availability and reliability
  • reduce downtime with OEM procedures, processes, and components
  • optimize maintenance costs and improve choke life
  • benefit from engineering support to manage changes in well conditions
  • leverage local sales and service support.
Choke valve in the shop undergoing certification testing.

Cameron provides an unmatched approach to choke certification, incorporating these elements to keep premature failures to a minimum and potentially increase production revenues as a result of both choke reliability and availability.

Dedicated workshops

Cameron provides an all-encompassing approach to critical choke certification, including Six Sigma compliant choke workshops in facilities conveniently located near high-profile gas projects, such as in the Middle East. The choke certification infrastructure also enables gas pressure testing and breakout testing, along with indoor storage and a controlled environment for elastomers.