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Digitally optimized for peak-efficiency hydraulic fracturing fluid delivery

Cameron Frac Equipment and Services

Ever since Cameron entered the frac market, you’ve counted on our reliable technologies and high-quality services for consistent frac fluid delivery at maximum capacity.

And now, we’re redefining performance standards from the pump to the wellbore.

Our quick-connect clamp system replaces unreliable hammer unions to reduce hose makeup time to 20 seconds.

Small-bore MonoFlex dual-connection fracturing fluid delivery technology streamlines setup and reduces safety risks.

Any pump configuration can be accommodated by the monobore frac missile system.

Big-bore MonoFlex Technology saves an average 75% on rig-up and rig-down time. And our big-bore frac check valves eliminate multiple small check valves and their leak risk.

For unparalleled fracturing uptime, we trim our highly configurable frac trees and valves for maximum corrosion and erosion protection.

We’re also building in automation and digitalization that give you access and control from anywhere.

You have real-time digital operability from outside the red zone with ValveCommander automated control and advisory platform, providing interlocks and standard workflows for precise frac valve control, prevention of cut wireline, and overpressure elimination.

Our hydraulic multiturn actuator combines convenient remote hydraulic and fail-safe manual operation for frac trees and manifolds.

Precise valve lubrication outside of the critical path is delivered by the automated valve greasing system. 

Simplicity, automation, and digitalization. Count on Cameron innovation and reliability to elevate your frac performance, efficiency, and safety, day in and day out.

Solid Foundations. Forward focus.

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