Flowback and Well Testing | Video | SLB

Flowback and Well Testing | Video

Published: 01/22/2017

Blue shale  texture
Flowback and Well Testing
Customized to meet the pressure, temperature, and liquid-content specifications of North America shale basins

The objectives of initial flowback and well cleanup are to recover the fracturing fluid that was pumped into the well and to screen out from the flow stream the remnants of the isolation plugs that were drilled out, as well as any other solid debris that may have accumulated in the wellbore. The well testing phase typically begins 48 to 72 hours after the beginning of the well cleanup process. During well testing, hydrocarbon is evident. A plug catcher and sand separator remove any remaining solids to prevent damage to downstream equipment. A three-phase test separator is deployed to separate out the gas, oil, and produced water and the flow rate of each is measured.

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