GAIA Platform: Access Global E&P Datasets | Video | Schlumberger

GAIA Platform: Access Global E&P Datasets | Video

Using a digital subsurface platform to quickly find relevant data

GAIA Platform: Access Global E&P Datasets
Quickly find the E&P data you need via a single platform to identify areas of interest.

In your search for viable oil and gas prospects, the tools and information you need to make decisions are dispersed in so many different places. Seismic data, well and production logs, subsurface measurements, industry data, documents, and reports—all this information is scattered everywhere, complicating your evaluation of areas of interest. But what if it were all connected? One place where you can find the information you need geospatially on a global, evergreen map. Now, there is.

The GAIA digital subsurface platform puts the world’s subsurface data at your fingertips. Using an ultraperformant global map, the GAIA platform gives you access to all data—anytime, anywhere, and from any device. You no longer have to wonder what data is available and incur the long lead time in searching for and acquiring that data. You see all information, such as bid round data and basin history, in one place, enabling you to quickly determine if an area of interest meets your near- and long-term portfolio objectives.

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