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Data marketplace

GAIA Xchange
Data marketplace

As a content provider for E&P companies, you’re looking to maximize the visibility of your data across the value chain. Basin models, seismic data, well and production logs, subsurface measurements, industry news, technical papers, reports—so many data types. But how can you instantly position your specific offering directly to the people who matter the most, your clients?

The GAIA digital subsurface platform is your gateway to instant E&P data visibility. It is a secure, end-to-end solution that puts your data in context. Whether you build basin models, provide seismic datasets, or deliver the latest in industry news, the GAIA platform highlights your structured or unstructured data on a searchable, ultraperformant map, enabling you to reach an ever-growing pool of clients and ultimately increase sales.

Using the GAIA Xchange data marketplace, you can build your company profile and create custom data packages, price your datasets, and even collaborate with other providers to codevelop data derivatives, further maximizing value for your clients. The marketplace gives you the flexibility to scale your offering—so you have complete control over data visibility.

This visibility is the value of the GAIA platform for both you and your clients—a familiar, collaborative, and shared workspace that accelerates the data-to-discovery journey. But it all starts with you. And together, we are creating the digital E&P marketplace.

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