GeoGuard Valves: Superior Reliability at Extreme Depths

Published: 01/14/2022

GeoGuard safety valves improve reliability via patented seal technology and qualification methods to enable extremely deep setting, avoiding precipitant deposits.
GeoGuard Valves: Superior Reliability at Extreme Depths
Patented seal technology and stringent qualification enable the valves to exceed API Spec 14A requirements.

When you choose a safety valve for your deepwater or ultradeepwater wells, “certainty” is at the top of your technical criteria. You want to be certain that it will seal and reopen reliably, and you want to know it’s working as expected, 24/7/365. You want GeoGuard high-performance deepwater safety valves. Building on decades of experience in thousands of installations, GeoGuard safety valves deliver peace of mind with field-proven reliability at extremely deep setting depths to avoid deposition of precipitants that could delay your operations. They also exceed API requirements for leakage. GeoGuard safety valves improve reliability with two fully independent and redundant actuators in a multizone dynamic seal system. When you send the signal from surface to close the safety valve, a high-pressure nitrogen chamber forces both actuators to release the flow tube, so the flapper can close and secure the well. To reopen the well, you equalize pressure across the flapper and send the signal to activate one actuator or both simultaneously. But what really sets a GeoGuard safety valve apart is the optional health management module, which delivers real-time certainty. Whether you close or open the valve, the module verifies performance and actuator positions in real time—improving intervention planning to avoid NPT and deferred production. GeoGuard safety valves are available with two actuation configurations to match your subsea infrastructure and completion design. Nitrogen dome technology is ideal for ultradeep setting depths and includes fully redundant hydraulic actuation systems. Balance line technology delivers high performance at deep setting depths without the need for a nitrogen dome. GeoGuard high-performance deepwater safety valves, where vigilance comes standard.

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