Safety Shutdown Valve (SSV) Control System | Video | Schlumberger

Safety Shutdown Valve (SSV) Control System | Video

Delivering reliable protection to wells and flowlines

Safety Shutdown Valve (SSV) Control System
Delivering reliable protection to wells and flowlines.

When it comes to safeguarding your wells and flowlines, immense protection is to be found in the Cameron safety shutdown valve (SSV) control system. The system is used to control the fail position of the valve upon hydraulic pressure loss or to perform an emergency shutdown (ESD). The self-contained control unit, which can be adapted to work with other components in various configurations, is designed with field service and minimal downtime in mind for ease of operation. The standard configuration of a self-contained system consists of a PHL/PSL, fusible plug, and ESD to create a closed loop circuit to monitor your well's flowing conditions and ensure that valve movement does not occur until a fail-safe signal is received. Operating procedure is straightforward. Lift the arming valve to bypass the safety components, allowing the opening of the SSV. Reciprocate the hand pump lever, putting pressure on the actuator that opens the valve. A pilot module automatically positions the lever in an “armed” position until the pressure line falls between high- and low-pressure points. With the circuit complete, the valve will remain open until the pressure within the flowline exceeds the high set point or falls below the low set point of the pressure sensors; once this occurs the SSV will return to its fail-safe closed position. After an abnormal condition occurs, the SSV controls must be manually reset to put back into service. Our MH70 actuators form the backbone of the Cameron SSV system. They feature a nonpressurized housing and a stainless steel piston, along with spring forces that achieve valve closure without the assistance of valve body/flowline pressure. The actuator design allows 360° rotation of both the head and housing. This feature allows the hydraulic inlet port, viewing window, and housing proximity switches to be located where desired. An additional feature of the Cameron SSV control system is the use of a protective enclosure to keep the controls you rely on protected in harsh environments, and to ensure reliable field operations. Providing dependable flow protection, the Cameron SSV control system delivers a compact footprint with ease of operation and self-contained control.

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