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Modular compact wellhead system

Modular compact wellhead system

Correctly installing the wellhead is crucial to drilling- and workover-operation success. But most traditional compact installations involve landing tubing hangers on top of the casing hanger packoff’s flat area where debris can accumulate. This condition often causes the hanger to be misaligned, preventing its proper installation resulting in nonproductive time. Now such conditions can be mitigated with the Cameron SOLIDrill modular compact wellhead system. This wellhead has a compact housing and accommodates different casing and tubing programs with minimal tooling. It can be configured in two- or three-stage arrangements, and is designed to accommodate ten control lines. Casing and tubing hangers are installed on their own dedicated landing shoulder; the wellhead is designed with angled shoulders to repel dirt, metal shards, and other debris. The wellhead works with an optional temporary lockdown mechanism for landing casing hangers. The lock ring is used to remove the potential for hanger lift during casing cementing. The SOLIDrill wellhead system has self-aligning hangers and centralizing features, which further aid reliable installation. The tubing hanger and running tool assembly is assembled and tested offline. All control lines can then be installed and tested without breaking the connection, saving time on the rig floor. Constructed with substantially more socketing to hang casing (mitigating wedging problems when pressure is applied) and designed for severe kickoff well angles, the SOLIDrill wellhead reduces the possibility of hanger tilt. For operators conducting drilling and workover operations, involving land or offshore wells, the SOLIDrill modular compact wellhead system reduces wellhead installation time to maximize drilling uptime.

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