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Coiled Tubing Surface Equipment

Reduce rig time with advanced CT equipment

Coiled tubing reel.
Coiled tubing reel.

Reduce rig time with advanced CT equipment

Our new-generation coiled tubing (CT) equipment increases the efficiency of coiled tubing services and offers unrestricted wellhead access.

X-11 offshore CT system.
Keep the integrity of your CT system in check.
CoilScan engineered pipe management service provides a comprehensive CT inspection and monitors wall thickness, OD, and length to determine CT operational limits at the wellsite and prior to CT deployment.
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CT land unit.

Land and offshore systems

With efficiency in mind, Schlumberger develops land units that are easy and fast to rig up and down, require less people, and incorporate the latest of acquisition and interpretations systems. The same applies for offshore units that are standardized, modular, and flexible to incorporate new levels of automation and safety.

Coiled Tubing Surface Equipment Offerings