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Engineered pipe management service

Continual, real-time CT inspection at the wellsite and before deployment

CoilScan engineered pipe management service provides a comprehensive CT inspection and monitors wall thickness, OD, and length to determine CT operational limits at the wellsite and prior to CT deployment. Additionally, the inspection head assesses pipe integrity throughout the job by detecting CT anomalies such as corrosion, pitting, and other types of mechanical damage. Components of the integrated service then generate an inspection report for further analysis.

CoilScan AP
CoilScan unit

CoilScan RT real-time pipe inspection system

The CoilScan RT system ensures pipe reliability with continuous monitoring and tracking of defect evolution throughout the CT string’s service life. The compact system uses magnetic flux leakage (MFL) sensors, eddy current probes, and depth encoders to provide early detection of pipe defects. And with the ability to monitor CT in real time, you can make changes to the CT operating envelope on the fly during the job.

CoilScan AP real-time pipe defect characterization system

The CoilScan AP real-time pipe defect characterization system is a module within CoilCAT coiled tubing computer-aided treatment. It identifies and tracks recorded CT defects detected by the CoilScan RT inspection system. The technology detects the underlying CT anomaly for the respective MFL response based on a library of documented defects that consists of actual CT defects with known dimensions.

Engineered pipe management service
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