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Casing Repair

Restore completion integrity after casing damage

Use through-tubing technology to rapidly remediate corroded and worn casing

Casing damage is often considered a problem of mature wells, suffered only after years or decades of corrosion, erosion, or wear fatigue, However, it is increasingly occurring in newer wells because of the wear incurred while installing initial casing in long horizontal and tortuous wellbores.

Casing repair options depend on the size and condition of the casing, the depth and extent of the leak or damage, and the productivity (economics) of the well. Schlumberger offers a full range of casing isolation, repair, and replacement technologies.

A pipe cut with PowerCutter.

Isolate the Damage

Squeeze cement into the damage to restore isolation without impeding wellbore ID, or place a cement plug or mechanical packer or plug to isolate the damaged zone.


Remedial cementing solution

Repair extremely small gaps or fractures in wellbores at the microscale.

BluePlug Max CMR

High-pressure wireline- or tubing-set cement retainer

Bidirectional barrier in cased hole wells for well abandonment or remedial cementing below the retainer.

Patch the Casing

Run a patch through tubing across the damaged zone, and isolate the damaged casing by cementing it in place or inflating it to create a complete seal while retaining nearly full wellbore ID.

Saltel Expandable Steel Patches

Repair and remediation solutions

Repair a zone of damaged tubing or casing, shut off unwanted perforations, or seal a leaking sliding sleeve.

Saltel Xpandable FracPacker

High-pressure packer for multistage stimulation

Rapidly isolate zones for unconventional openhole ball-drop fracturing with this expandable steel, high-pressure frac packer.

Saltel Xpandable AZIP

Annular zonal isolation packer

Minimize costs and NPT with robust, high-pressure expandable steel annular packers that rapidly isolate zones, even in oval boreholes.

Saltel Xpandable ECP

Cementing operations external casing packer

Achieve zonal isolation at low pressures with a robust expandable stainless steel device.

Cut and Reconnect the Casing

Cut off the damaged casing and leave a stub that can be connected to a new casing string.


Precision tubular cutter

Cleanly cut tubing or drillpipe with no moving parts or chemicals.

Casing Reconnect

Metal-to-metal, gas-tight casing repair system

Simplify casing repairs to keep drilling programs on schedule and secure well integrity for P&A.

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