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Casing Reconnect

Metal-to-metal, gas-tight casing repair system

Simplify casing repairs and minimize costs

Remediate damaged well casing without lengthy fishing operations or costly sidetracks by using the Casing Reconnect metal-to-metal, gas-tight casing repair system to replace stuck or damaged casing. The robust, gas-tight seal endures for the life of the well and maintains fullbore access after installation, which means it can also be used to realign spaceout if needed. 

This full-axial-load-bearing metal-to-metal reconnection solution keeps your drilling program on schedule, secures well integrity for plugging and abandonment (P&A) operations, and can be used to connect a subsea wellhead to surface.

Casing reconnect tool image.
Two male field technicians inspecting the Proteus Electrohydraulic Flow Control and Monitoring System

Replace casing during drilling

During well construction, the casing may become stuck at a point close enough to the intended landing depth to still be viable.

To avoid fishing or sidetracking, you can cut and pull the casing anywhere between the wellhead and the stuck point and then run a replacement casing with the Casing Reconnect system receptacle at the bottom.

The casing stump is then morphed into the Casing Reconnect system receptacle to rejoin the two strings with a high axial-load-bearing metal-to-metal seal. 

Facilitate subsea workovers

To enable safer subsea workover activities, you can use the Casing Reconnect system to assist with landing out the tieback between the rig and the wellhead or mudline suspension system.

Rely on quality standards

The Casing Reconnect system is rated to ISO 14310 V0. It is also compatible with NACE MR0175 for sour service application.

Rated to 7,985 psi [54 MPa]
Rated to 150 degC [302 degF]
Rated to 1,500,000 lbf [6.6 MN]
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