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Retrievable Wireless Subsurface Safety Valve System

Restore oil and gas wells and recover production after a safety valve failure

GEM-Valve System up close look
GEM-Valve System up close look
Restore operating or shut-in wells
Declining wellbore intervention costs in recent years makes the operation economically attractive for operators to restore well production.
Fix downhole safety valve problems
Well integrity issues in operating or shut-in wells are due mostly to problems with subsurface safety valves (SSSVs).
Gain production returns with intervention
Repairing or maintaining downhole valves can return significant value, both financially and hydrocarbon volumetrically.
Regain control and produce optimally
Controlling the safety valve from the surface enables optimal well production regardless of the downhole flowing regime.

Get your well back online or back on track

With the decline in number of operating wells in recent years due to shut-in or temporary plugging, restoration is crucial to return this well stock to operation or risk permanent abandonment.

The GEM-Valve retrievable wireless subsurface safety valve system helps operators restore wells and resume production after an SSSV failure in

Up close look at the GEM-Valve
API Spec 14A certified and sealed with an API Monogram License, the GEM-Valve system restores full safety valve functionality in wells with damaged or blocked control lines.
Up close look at the GEM-Valve
GEM-Valve under ground showing wireless technology
GEM-Valve system is wirelessly controlled using technology that pulsates electromagnetic signals, eliminating the need for physical connection with a surface panel for control.
GEM-Valve under ground showing wireless technology

Wirelessly fix the downhole SSSV and regain control from the surface

GEM-Valve system enables remediation without relinquishing control of subsurface safety shut-in equipment via wireless surface control of the valve, allowing reliable and regulatory compliant production of oil and gas wells.

Installed as a temporary safety valve solution, the system eliminates production deferral while workover intervention planning and sourcing activities take place. Installed as a permanent solution, it eliminates significant workover repair and recompletion costs, which might not be justifiable for old producing wells in mature fields.

Operate without a hydraulic control line or cable

Controlled to stay open from surface, the GEM-Valve safety valve system is largely tolerant to downhole flow and pressure variations, which are responsible for frequent undesired valve closures of alternative remediation solutions such as subsurface-controlled safety valves.

Offshore safety valve remediation

At a Glance

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Wireless Surface Control
Controlled from surface without hydraulic control lines
Fail-Safe Safety Valve
Fail-safe normally closed system
API Certified
API certified and monogrammed safety valve
Multivalve Control
Control up to 10 valves from a single surface panel

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