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All-terrain wireline tractor

UltraTRAC all-terrain wireline tractor.
Real-time radial force regulation and dynamic suspension systems continuously optimize UltraTRAC tractor performance as it progresses through the well.

High-force extended-reach tractor for both open and cased hole wireline operations

The UltraTRAC all-terrain wireline tractor readily conveys large payloads in challenging borehole conditions and across high-angle, extended-reach wells. By replacing conventional reliance on coiled tubing and drillpipe carrier conveyance in both open and cased holes, the UltraTRAC tractor simplifies and streamlines wireline operations—reducing cost, time, and risk. The UltraTRAC Mono tractor system adds logging-while-tractoring functionality to acquire data in both up and down passes.

Exceptional navigation in challenging well terrains

The robust maneuverability of the UltraTRAC tractor results from three exclusive design features:

  • Traction control enables real-time adjustment of the radial force applied by the tractor arms. If slippage is detected, the amount of radial force can be raised to increase the traction. Once the difficult interval is successfully traversed, radial force is decreased to avoid unnecessary wear of wheels and drive components, as well as to conserve energy.
  • Dynamic suspension maintains the constant radial force applied by the arms to the well walls, independent of borehole size. UltraTRAC tractor drives achieve the same tractoring force in well IDs from 3.6 to 15 in.
  • Bidirectional capability decreases operational risk by retrieving the tractor in case of stickiness, abnormally high friction, or borehole collapse. In reverse tractoring mode, the full tractor force of the UltraTRAC tractor complements the cable head tension to retrieve downhole equipment and effectively prevent fishing operations.
Case Study: Walkabove VSP Recorded by Using UltraTRAC Tractor Conveyance in Well Deviated 86°, Deepwater Angola
Time-depth and waveform data from four aligned VSI versatile seismic imagers place well trajectory on surface seismic survey and reveal faults
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UltraTRAC being installed at the well site.
The tandem configuration of the UltraTRAC tractor being installed at well site.

Modular deployment versatility for environment-specific access

Engineered to withstand the impact of perforating gun detonation as well as the vibration generated in rugose boreholes, the modular UltraTRAC tractor has low sensitivity to well conditions. The fully integrated system incorporates multiple peripheral systems into the tractor architecture; consequently, the equipment needs only a single crew for both tractor operation and the conveyed services. The UltraTRAC tractor does not require specialized cable and is compatible with all multiconductor cables.

Optimal tractor performance across all terrains is realized by specifying the number and configuration of the drive sections. A tandem sub increases functionality by enabling independent surface control of the drives above and below the sub. Multiple wheel diameters and proprietary designs are available for the well geometry and expected borehole conditions.

All-terrain well tractor
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