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Digital Pulsed Neutron (DPN)

Enhance reservoir management and production in mature fields

Compact design
Short, 1 1/16-in-OD tool
Up to 15 hours continuous operation
High-performance lithium ion battery
Wireline data
Slickline simplicity
More efficiency
Multipurpose deployment and real-time onsite answers
Workflow schematic. LIVE PL services are far more efficient than conventional workflows.
The efficiency and simplicity of using DPN service on digital slickline with only one unit, one crew, and one rig-up save significant operational time over intervention operations that switch from slickline to electric wireline line for logging and back to slickline.
Workflow schematic. LIVE PL services are far more efficient than conventional workflows.

As the latest addition to LIVE PL digital slickline production logging services, digital pulsed neutron (DPN) service provides crucial information, such as fluid contact monitoring and fluid identification behind casing, to inform wellsite decision making for optimizing reservoir management and production in mature fields.

How it works

DPN pairs the field-proven Schlumberger small-diameter high-output pulsed neutron generator (PNG) with dual scintillation gamma ray detectors to provide real-time sigma measurement in mixed-salinity cased hole environments. Dual neutron burst with adaptive timing is performed to ensure the measurement's insensitivity to borehole conditions and eliminate the need for environmental correction.

Measurement precision is further honed by using the available job planner.

Measurement Specifications
Sigma, apparent porosity, gas indicator
Logging speed
1,800 ft/h [549 m/h]
Range of measurement
0 to 60 cu
Vertical resolution
2.5 ft [0.76 m]
Borehole fluid or formation water salinity
>50,000 ppm
Mechanical Specifications
Temperature rating
302 degF [150 degC]
Pressure rating
15,000 psi [103 MPa]
Casing size—min.
4 1/2 in
Casing size—max.
9 5/8 in
1.72 in [4.37 cm]
37 lbm [17 kg]
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