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Milling Tool

Coordinated milling tool and tractor operation

ReSOLVE instrumented wireline intervention service employs a milling tool to pulverize debris and scale buildups, tubing restrictions, and plugs. The TuffTRAC cased hole services tractor is seamlessly integrated to automatically drive the milling tool forward and resist rotation while the tool’s rotating bit engages obstructions. You are fully informed of the tool’s performance status through real-time monitoring while dynamically controlling the bit speed and WOB.

A Schlumberger employee at the back of a Wireline truck inspecting the RESOLVE milling tool.

MillOptimizer automatic milling system

The MillOptimizer automatic milling system can also be used to automatically adjust the WOB to achieve a particular torque. Bit torque is constantly monitored and WOB adjusted by the TuffTRAC tractor to maintain a constant bit speed. With the automatic, coordinated control of the MillOptimizer system, the tractor and milling tool operate as a single intelligent system to maximize milling efficiency and prevent stalling. Any bit stalling is immediately detected by the MillOptimizer system, which automatically stops the tool, disengages the scale by reversing the bit and the tractor, and then resumes milling.

Optimized scale-milling bit

The milling tool uses a novel PDC bit design. Optimized for maximum ROP when milling hard scale buildup, this mill bit achieves the highest rate of scale volume milled within the power limits of electric wireline.

ReSOLVE | Milling Tool
Mills through debris and scale buildups, tubing restrictions, and plugs.
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