eWellGlide Through-Wired Roller-Centralizer Sub | SLB


Through-wired roller-centralizer sub

3D hero image of 22-pin eWellGlide sub and Monoconductor eWellGlide sub side by side.

Assist conveyance of a wireline toolstring

The Peak eWellGlide through-wired roller-centralizer sub assists in conveyance of a wireline toolstring into high-angle deviated wells.

The sub is positioned along a toolstring to lift the body and weight of the string onto the axles of rollers incorporated in the eWellGlide sub and eliminate friction between the toolstring body and tubing wall.

The fluted body ensures sufficient bypass when running through fluids and provides standoff or centralization for toolstrings inside larger-bore tubulars.

The sub is NACE compliant. Rollers are available in various sizes and chosen based on job specifications.

Where to use the eWellGlide sub

  • High-angle, highly deviated wells
  • Larger-bore tubulars

Reduce friction and increase wireline operating range

  • Reduces friction between toolstring and tubing or casing, enabling access to high-angle, highly deviated wells
  • Provides a standoff or centralizer for toolstrings in larger bore tubulars
  • Increases operating range through interchangeable rollers, providing effective options to the end user
  • Enables multiple toolstring placement options with through-wiring
  • Lowers inventory requirements
  • Inhibits galling and extends service life with harder, wear-resistant quench-polish-quench (QPQ) axles and rollers
3D image of 22-pin eWellGlide sub and Monoconductor eWellGlide sub side by side.
22-pin eWellGlide sub (left) and monoconductor eWellGlide sub (right).