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Peak eCutter

Electronically activated nonexplosive wireline cutter

Electronically activated
Via electronic timer and trigger
No explosives
Nonpyrotechnic power charge
Countdown time
Preprogrammed or optional customization
Any well deviation
Pumpdown deployment on request

Electronically activated clean cuts

In the event of a stuck toolstring, a wide range of wire sizes can be reliably severed by deploying the Peak eCutter electronically activated nonexplosive wireline cutter. From 0.108-in slickline to 5/16-in heavy-duty high-strength cable, the Peak eCutter cutter accurately places the clean cut at the required point, even in highly deviated or complex geometry wells.

Peak eCutter electronically activated nonexplosive wireline cutter
The Peak eCutter cutter is available in 2.5-in tools with and without rollers (top and middle, respectively), and a 2.8-in tool with integral rollers.
Tech Paper: Unique Electronically Activated Nonexplosive Wireline Cutter Provides Safe and Reliable Cuts on Largest Range of Slickline and Wireline Cables
This SPE paper outlines the features of the unique nonexplosive cutter and includes several case studies from onshore and offshore operations.
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