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Subsea Landing String Services

Efficient, reliable access to any subsea well over the life of your field

You need to access your well and you need to do it safely, all while minimizing rig time and without damaging your reservoir. Schlumberger gives you the confidence to do all of this with subsea landing string services done right by our experts the first time—from exploration and appraisal to development and production.

Get more assurance of wellbore connectivity

With our global community of local crews, trained in our systems and standardized processes, we deliver consistent, reliable subsea landing string services to your well anywhere in the world. Using the SenTURIAN Family subsea landing string electrohydraulic operating systems, we keep you in the loop at every stage of the process with real time monitoring that verifies the equipment is installed and functioning correctly. This gives you the unequivocal peace of mind you need to focus on your mission-critical tasks. And if troubleshooting is required, the entire landing string operation is recorded in our data historian, enabling our experts to quickly determine and address any efficiency constraints—keeping your operations on track.

Subsea Landing Tree Service.
Subsea Service Support Infrastructure
Lifecycle support for subsea operations.
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Operating a SenTREE system on an offshore rig.

Improve your well control

There are many factors that affect maintaining a secure operating envelope during landing string operations, including well flow conditions, water depth, and vessel motion. Even under perfect conditions, this is a complex job. But what happens if an incident occurs, such as a dynamic positioning or anchor system failure?

In emergency situations, our landing string system gives you more control when you need it. Leveraging the SenTURIAN Family systems in conjunction with the SenTREE subsea test tree systems, the landing string disconnects from the wellhead in 15 seconds, providing a dual barrier of protection that safely closes in the well and retains all the contents of the riser to prevent spillage. The landing string can also be reconnected quickly when conditions return to normal.

Receive turnkey subsea landing string services backed by our experience and expertise

From completion to testing, each of our service engagements include a dedicated project manager that works with you to understand your objectives and is a single point of contact available to you at any time during the service. Project managers bring the full technical breadth and expertise of the Schlumberger organization with 24/7 access to our global network of technical experts.

All of this amounts to a seamless and turnkey experience that keeps you in the know at every stage of service delivery and gives you the peace of mind that the job will be done right.

Minimize your exposure to HSE risks with our subsea landing string crews and equipment

Highly efficient crews receive rigorous cross-training in our systems and standardized processes. This not only enables us to better control the quality of our service and reduce logistics requirements on any project anywhere in the world, but it also helps to reduce our crew footprint on your rig when combined with other services.

At every stage, we also want you to have complete confidence that not only our people but also our equipment will protect your operations and the environment from harm. We accomplish this by tracking each piece of equipment from cradle to grave to ensure all the equipment we use is certified and proven reliable.

Our goal is simple. We want to provide you with a better way to connect to your reservoir that involves less exposure to HSE risks and keeps your crew and the environment safe.

Subsea Test Tree Systems

SenTREE subsea test trees are designed for integration with any subsea configuration.


Subsea test tree

Perform well test and cleanup from any floating rig with a singular subsea safety solution.


Completion subsea test tree

Achieve reliable, repeatable well control in a wide range of water depths.


High-pressure completion subsea test tree

Reliably maintain well control from a floating vessel at up to 15,000 psi.

Subsea Landing String Operating Systems

From a dynamically positioned or anchored vessel, these systems provide shut-in and disconnect in as little as 15 seconds.


Large-bore subsea landing string electrohydraulic operating systems

Quickly operate subsea equipment with less risk and reduced rig-up time.


Well test subsea landing string electrohydraulic operating system

Verify subsea and downhole equipment functionality and integrity while monitoring downhole conditions.

Subsea Service Support Infrastructure

Local support and a global network of expertise ensure consistently high-quality results.

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