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Drillpipe and Casing Cutters

Sever single or multiple strings of casing or drillpipe

Hydraulic pipe cutter

For severing single or multiple strings of casing, the hydraulic pipe cutter has three heavy-duty cutter arms dressed with crushed carbide. It is capable of completing a cutout in most weights and grades of casing, conductor pipe, and marine risers. Available for pipe from 3 1/2- to 72-in, the cutter will complete operations for concentric, eccentric, cemented, and noncemented pipe strings.

Proprietary knife return system

The hydraulic pipe cutter uses a proprietary knife return system to ensure knives are secured in a retracted position while running in hole, eliminating the need to banding or wedging. This feature also assists with knife retraction once pumping has stopped. To eliminate the risk of pulling the tool before the string has been completely severed, pressure indications are provided at surface. The knife return system ensures retraction and retention regardless of wellbore inclination.

Mechanical casing cutter

To increase flexibility and reduce rig time while cutting casing and drillpipe, the mechanical casing cutter is designed to quickly convert to alternate inside cutting diameters. Available for casing from 4 1/2- to 13 3/8-in, the tool comprises

  • friction assembly to assist setting the tool in the pipe
  • slip assembly to anchor the tool
  • retractable cutting assembly
  • automatic nut that permits repeated resetting and disengaging of the tool without returning to surface.

Often, no conversion of the mechanical casing cutter is needed for cutting different pipe diameters; changing only slips and friction blocks are required.

Internal cutter drag spring (left) and internal cutter wiper block (right).
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