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Internal & External Catching Tools

Retrieve drill casing, tubing, and other obstructions

Itco-Type releasing spear

Designed to assure positive engagement with the fish, the Itco-Type releasing spear internally engages and retrieves drill casing, tubing, or any other obstruction with ID up to 20 in. The spear is built to withstand severe jarring and pulling strains, and heavy-duty versions can be used with pulling tools for maximum performance. It engages the fish over a large area to minimize damage to or distortion of the fish. 


  • Grapple and wicker design to ensure nearly 360° of engagement
  • Right-hand rotation release
  • Sub-type nut available to make up tools below the spear
  • Compatibility with jarring assemblies and backoff and pulling tools
Internal-external catching itco-type releasing spear.
Internal-external catching EFL rotating and releasing spear.

EFL rotating and releasing spear

The EFL rotating and releasing spear ensures fishing operation success by engaging the bore of the fish in situations where external catch tools are not feasible, such as when fishing drillpipe, casing, or tubing. The spear features a fullbore to facilitate the use of wireline equipment during the fishing operation. 

The EFL rotating and releasing spear also

  • disassembles into five separate components for onsite service
  • resets to catch position downhole with one full left-hand rotation
  • reduces maintenance costs
  • transmits torque.

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