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TMC Single-Acting Hydraulic Fishing Jar

Optimal impact & endurance in harsh environments

For reliable performance in harsh fishing operations—including stuck pipe, packer retrieval, tubing removal, milling, and debris recovery—the TMC single-acting hydraulic fishing jar combines optimal impact characteristics with high-endurance construction.

Temperature compensation allows prolonged jarring for well plugging and abandonment

The TMC fishing jar can be used for plug-and-abandonment operations, such as pipe recovery and wellhead removal. For better tool performance and reliability, the jar has a temperature compensation system in the detent that allows prolonged jarring without losing impact force, and a closed drive system that prevents wellbore fluid from entering the drive section.

High-endurance construction for any fishing operation

  • Temperature rating of 500 degF
  • Differential seal rating of 20,000 psi
  • Circulation rating of 10,000 psi
  • Long free-travel design for optimal impact
  • Hydraulic metering system for variable impact loads
  • Interchangeable parts for conversion between jars and accelerator tools
Single-acting jar.
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