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TMC Bumper Sub

Harness maximum stroke length and high-torque transmission to meet any fishing objective

With maximum stroke length and a high-torque transmission capacity, the TMC bumper sub allows operators to bump up or down until fishing objectives are met. This bumper sub has a robust design and strict requirements for materials and quality, ensuring reliable performance in even the harshest downhole environments. It is suitable for all fishing operations—stuck pipe, packer retrieving, tubing removal, milling, and debris recovery—as well as plug-and-abandonment operations, such as pipe recovery and wellhead removal. The TMC bumper sub can also release spears or overshots, dislodge a stuck string, and act as a feedoff tool for backoff jobs.

Durable construction ensures reliable performance in harshest downhole environments

  • 500-degF temperature rating
  • 20,000-psi differential seal rating
  • 10,000-psi circulation rating
  • Closed drive system to prevent wellbore fluid from entering the drive section
TMC bumper sub.
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