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Junk Baskets

Capture even the smallest and most stubborn debris

Core-type junk basket

To retrieve small, oddly shaped debris from the well bottom, core-type junk baskets cut a core from the formation and recover the debris along with the core. This operation can be applied in soft to medium-soft formations in most hole sizes. Core-type junk baskets can be dressed with a variety of shoes, depending on formation properties and fishing objectives.

Boot basket

Boot baskets are useful in drilling and milling operations to catch debris too heavy to circulate out of the hole. The boot basket traps junk by suddenly decreasing annular velocity. This decrease occurs after the cuttings pass the larger OD of the boot to reach the smaller OD of the body and top connection. These baskets are run as close as possible to the mill, bit, or junk basket and can be run in tandem to increase the retrieval capacity.

Jet junk basket

By producing a circulating force with jet nozzles, the jet junk basket is capable of retrieving the most stubborn items at the hole bottom, such as bit cones, slips, tail chains, and shot remnants. Open jets enable the workstring to be pulled dry, improving rig floor efficiency and safety. With a versatile dual configuration, the jet junk basket can be easily converted to a conventional core basket without extra equipment. Extended junk sleeves are also available for retrieving longer items.

Junk baskets.
Core-type junk basket (left), jet junk basket (middle), and boot basket (right).
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