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Packer Milling & Retrieving

Mill and retrieve in one run

Packer mill

Packer milling and retrieving tools are designed to mill and retrieve production packers and bridge plugs in a single run. The packer mill consists of a mill body and a replaceable mill or long rotary shoe dressed with crushed carbide. Extensions can be added between the spear and packer mill to provide sufficient length for the spear to pass through the packer bore before the mill engages the element. The tools can also be released from the packer if it fails to mill up or disengage.

Washover-type system

The washover-type system mills over the slip section to disengage the packer, and the spear section extends through the packer to catch and retrieve the element once the slips have been removed. The rotary shoes are able to be replaced quickly on the rig floor, saving time.

Fixed-blade-type system

For heavy-duty milling performance, the fixed-blade-type system has four blades dressed with crushed carbide to mill up the packer. Circulation ports between the blades allow cuttings to be flushed out of the wellbore, and the catch assembly has a milling head with crushed carbide to guide and remove and obstructions in the packer bore.

Packer milling retrieving.
Fixed-blade type (left) and washover type (right).

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