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Land & Offshore Power Swivels

Use one hydraulic motor for long life and easy service

Power swivels from Schlumberger are designed for long life and easy service for land rigs (XK 150 and XK 90 power swivels) as well as for well abandonment and offshore applications (Venturetech XK power swivel). Each power swivel has one high-torque, hollow-shaft hydraulic motor that drives the swivel stem directly through a massive lubricated spline. The only moving parts are the motor, stem, bearings, and packing cartridge. No gears are used, so hydraulic motor speed is the same as swivel speed—very low by hydraulic standards and good for long life. Service is made simple by this arrangement because the entire hydraulic motor is removed, including the swivel shaft bearing and seals. Unbolting it and pulling it off the stem are the only actions required.

Power swivel lubrication and sealing features

All seals run on replaceable wear rings prevent stem wear and corrosion, and a special valve is included that prevents downtime from blown shaft seals due to blocking or disconnecting the drain hose.

  • Pressure-lubricated lower stem bearings
  • Pressure-greased dual upper stem seals
  • Dual upper and lower motor seals
Land and offshore power swivels.
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