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HE AJ Reversing Tool

Recover sections of right-hand strings of pipe lodged in the well

The HE AJ reversing tool is used to unscrew and recover sections of right-hand strings of pipe that are stuck or lodged in the well. Using the HE AJ reversing tool on right-hand drillpipe or tubing eliminates the need for a complete string of left-hand pipe to recover lost tubing or drillpipe string.

A combination of planetary gearing and anchoring systems, the HE AJ reversing tool is capable of converting right-hand torque from the surface to a powerful left-hand torque below the tool to the fish. After engaging the fish and setting the HE AJ reversing tool, left-hand torque is developed slowly below the tool until the fish is unscrewed and recovered. The tool can be released from its setting and disengaged from the fish if necessary. Internal diameters give complete freedom to perform other fishing operations, such as washing down, engaging and disengaging the fish, and releasing the tool and the fish.

The HE AJ reversing tool is designed to run only inside well casing. Under no circumstances should it be operated below the casing in open hole. A left-hand fishing assembly is made up on the lower end of the reversing tool, and is available for use on any fishing condition that may occur.

Advantages of using the HE AJ reversing tool

  • No left-hand workstrings
  • No balls to drop
  • Torque ratio of 1.78:1

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