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Section mill

The K-Master section mill is a hydraulic downhole tool ideal for milling casing to set rock-to-rock well abandonment cement plugs. All cutter arms are dressed with tungsten carbide inserts that, along with the multiblade design, provide maximum footage and high ROP. When combined with the high-ratio underreamer, the K-Master mill provides a single-trip milling system to ensure that rock-to-rock isolation is attainable.

Engineered milling technology and downhole modeling

The K-Master section mill engineered milling technology is based on lab analyses comparing cutter performance with casing metallurgy. As part of the IDEAS integrated dynamic design and analysis platform, a database of casing material provides a clearer understanding of optimal milling performance and parameters.

The IDEAS platform results are used to calibrate the i-DRILL integrated dynamic system analysis service. Downhole modeling using the i-DRILL service provides a dynamic BHA analysis.

Three Schlumberger workers guiding a K-Master section mill.
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