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Electrostatic Oil Treater Performance Services

Process Live data-enriched performance service

Realize opex savings you are missing

Process Live service is the software-as-a-service digital solution that maximizes electrostatic desalting and dehydrating performance and reliability.

Electrostatic crude oil dehydrators and desalters are widely used onshore and offshore to lower basic sediment and water (BS&W) and pounds of salt per thousand barrels (PTB) from crude oil; however, maximizing electrostatic performance of these flexible, compact systems depends on manual intervention by operations personnel to optimize performance.

If the electrostatic desalter is not optimized, the result is overspending on demulsifier dosing, heat, freshwater, and accelerated refinery catalyst poisoning, which add to the operational expenses required to meet outlet specifications and avoid contractual penalties or loss of throughput.

A Schlumberger engineer, with dual-display in the background showing process flow optimization software.
Reduce consumption of emulsion breaker
Conserve freshwater
Reduce fuel gas consumption and CO2 emissions
Maximize savings and reliability

Reach an electrostatics subject matter expert 24/7

Process Live service automatically optimizes electrostatic dehydration using active machine learning of optimal power unit operating parameters and crude oil quality feedback to deliver the desired outlet specifications with fewer iterations in less time. Continuous and systematic optimization of electrostatic separation enables reduction of demulsifier injection, washwater, and heating operational expenses. Reducing heat and potable water requirements has an environmental stewardship benefit by decreasing consumption of fuel gas and desalinated water—which may be in short supply.

Lastly, data streaming gives multiple stakeholders a single point of truth to evaluate performance and accelerate corrective actions.

Optimize performance of NATCO DUAL FREQUENCY, NATCO ELECTRO-DYNAMIC DESALTERS, modulated NATCO DUAL POLARITY, and BILECTRIC HF crude oil dehydrating and desalting technologies.

Plan equipment turnarounds and reduce risk of unplanned shutdowns

There is a high price for loss of reliability and throughput. The Process Live service lets you proactively manage power unit reliability with prognostic health monitoring and to identify critical events. Electrical system feedback allows proactive maintenance of the power unit and the treater.

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