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Impeller-induced cyclonic separator

Employees at a Vorazial Cyclonics unit

Zero-pressure drop separation in a single pass

This innovative inline water treatment process delivers simultaneous three-way separation for oilfield water treatment. Capable of cleaning water from varying sources, the Voraxial separator separates oil and any entrained gas and solids with different specific gravities. The Voraxial separator significantly outperforms conventional centrifuge or hydrocyclone separation, which require a booster pump to counter a performance-constraining pressure drop and must use multiple units and multiple passes for the separate removal of oil and solids from the liquid. 

Frac-grade water from any water source

Voraxial separator is available in three standard sizes for inline at-rate connection to your process stream. The separation process can be followed with ultraviolet (UV) light, oxidation, and biocide treatments, depending on your specific use case.

Three-way separation: oil, water, and solids
No pressure drop or booster pump
Compact, mobile, self-contained unit
Services from concept through operations
Our global network of experts provides a wide range of services, including conceptual design, project execution, precommissioning, commissioning, operations, remote monitoring, and technical support.
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How the Voraxial separator works

Instead of employing a conventional hydrocyclone to convert the incoming liquid velocity into rotary motion for separating heavy and light components, the Voraxial separator uses a unique no-shear impeller to induce radial and axial flow for three-way separation of water, oil, and solids. This simultaneous separation during continuous flow means that only one pass is required through the unit, and there is no associated pressure drop.

The Voraxial separator provides a robust, highly flexible, onsite separation method in a compact, self-contained unit for high-rate water treatment that consistently meets the demanding quality and supply requirements for oilfield water.

Voraxial Impeller-Induced Cyclonics
The Voraxial separator uses a unique, no-shear impeller to induce radial and axial flow for three-way separation of water, oil, and solids.
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