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Electric Energy System for Offshore Oil & Gas Production

The future is on

Schlumberger Electric Energy System
Schlumberger Electric Energy System

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Reduce Environmental Impact

Low carbon intensity

Employ lighter, smaller, more efficient all-electric compact systems to reduce carbon sources and generation

Eliminate hydraulic systems to improve energy efficiency while removing the risk posed by hydraulic fluid transportation, storage, and spillage

Enhance Production and Recovery

Extended reach

Increase reservoir contact and control

Connect longer tiebacks

Implement digital solutions to support expanded instrumentation and enhance productivity

Reduce Capex and Opex

Capital discipline

Reduce total well count

Facilitate ultradeepwater and long step-outs

Operate not permanently attended installations (NPAIs)

Accelerate First Oil and Gas

Capital returns

Accelerate drilling (fewer wells)

Simplify subsea layout for shorter lead times

Expedite well cleanup

Podcast Interview: Electrifying Offshore Oil and Gas Production
Take a deeper dive into the World Oil article “Electrifying Offshore Oil and Gas Production” in this podcast with Nishant Jha, Director Well Production Systems. Topics range from how open collaboration drives more effective decision making to real-world examples of the agility provided by all-electric energy systems for unlocking an asset’s full potential with the smallest possible carbon footprint.
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Performance demands a transformational shift

Maintaining a license to operate requires you to produce oil and gas sustainably. Industry success is being measured against new criteria: achieving the highest possible performance at the lowest possible impact.

We integrate our proven technologies for digitalization, electrification, and sensing from sandface to topside. The result is an end-to-end energy system that delivers the power behind sustainable performance.

Schlumberger Electric Energy System: The Future Is On
Reliability, real-time data flow, and dynamic precision control

Power and control


Precision and automation


Data and connectivity

Low-cost, low-carbon energy calls for digitalization, electrification, and sensing advances integrated across all domains—from sandface to topside.

From a system level to an end-to-end solution

Open collaboration and seamless system integration are key to unlocking your full asset potential. If the many complex interfaces among the sandface, subsea, and topside are not properly integrated, potential disruptions threaten end-to-end functionality. We provide the full range of technology and expertise to design and deliver a seamlessly integrated electric energy system.

Electrification enables longer tieback and step-outs from existing facility, eliminating the need for new topside infrastructure.
Electrification enables longer tieback and step-outs from existing facility, eliminating the need for new topside infrastructure.
Electrification: The Future Is Lower-Cost, Lower-Carbon Energy
Watch this World Oil webcast on demand and hear Electrification Program Manager for Production Systems Stephane Hiron explain how electrification optimizes offshore asset performance, increases sustainability, and enables digitalization.
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Dynamic precision control

Dynamic precision control

The convergence of electrical power with real-time data and dynamic control systems makes it possible to perform fully automated procedures at the push of a button. These precision workflows include automated cleanup, automated shut-in and restart, and automated chemical injection. The Schlumberger electric energy system also incorporates autonomous devices that respond to predetermined parameters. Together, this combination leads to greater efficiency at lower operational cost and lower carbon per barrel.

Electrification enhances capabilities for a team to model performance in real time without intervention.
Enhanced human capabilities
Get your team closer to the action in real time without intervention to improve chemical management, flow assurance, and recovery.

Enhanced human capabilities

Augmenting downhole and subsea measurements with the greater reach and new capabilities that only electrification can provide enhances what you can see and feel—and how you can respond.

Get your team closer to the action in real time without intervention to improve chemical management, flow assurance, and recovery.

Electrification of New Fields

Electrification of new fields

Electric completion designs go beyond the constraints of electrohydraulics to reach farther into the formation, achieving greater reservoir contact per well. Concurrently incorporating remote, normally unattended installations (NUIs) into the design eliminates the CO2 emissions related to the transportation of crew and supplies. The Schlumberger electric energy system enables new fields to deliver at or beyond the oil and gas production of traditional fields while requiring fewer wells and reducing resource consumption.

Accelerate your monitoring and control design with intelligent completion systems.
No More Stranded Reserves

No more stranded reserves

Simpler to configure and scale, the reduced costs of hydraulic-free umbilicals help you to access new reserves more profitably—accelerating the time taken to achieve sanction. The ability to deliver virtually limitless electrical power to anywhere enables operators to create longer step-outs from existing facilities, making it possible to access previously stranded reserves.

Electrification powers hydraulic-free umbilicals for longer step-outs to previously stranded reserves.
Ready to Reenergize Your Offshore Asset Performance?
Contact Stephane Hiron, Production Systems electrification program manager, for expert insight on how electrification, digitalization, and sensing integrated from sandface to topside are key to unlocking your full offshore asset potential.
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