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Intelligent Surface Production System

Boost production performance. Lower carbon intensity.

Top down view of a wellhead that is stylized in a metallic texture
Top down view of a wellhead that is stylized in a metallic texture
Minimize environmental impact and HSE risk

Reduce site visits and travel-related carbon emissions and risk

Use automation and remote control to keep people out of harm’s way

Replace hydraulic systems with electric ones to improve energy efficiency

Reduce cost

Real-time, condition-based monitoring cuts down on maintenance frequency, extends equipment life, and prevents unplanned shutdowns

Automation supports efficient staffing and use of supplies

Get top performance and reliability

Use the industry's most reliable and robust technology for dependable performance

Monitor and automatically control in real time to ensure on-spec operations and gain more uptime with less human intervention

Digital wellhead render with a blue liquid  ball to show that the wellhead is a gateway

Digitalization and automation built in

The SLB intelligent surface production system introduces new levels of production functionality by bringing together electrification, digitalization, and sensing. Starting from the wellhead and tree system, this seamless integration of all components with edge computing keeps you informed, enables precise remote control, and provides data-backed insight for continuous optimization across the production lifespan of your well.

All-electric surface actuator

The industry’s first TRL-5-qualified electric actuator enables replacing conventional hydraulic control systems for more reliable, more precise remote valve control.

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All-electric surface actuator
Digital Center of Excellence Singapore
Production performance improvement demands a transformational shift. Experience this transformation in real time at our Singapore Digital Center of Excellence.

SLB believes in protecting the planet through ongoing sustainability practices. We aim to drive high performance for the energy industry. That's why our innovative technology accelerates sustainability practices.

Flow fluids―and data

Our digitally integrated intelligent surface production systems keep operations running and keep you informed. How? We use automated monitoring and data reporting. So you know you are achieving your production, safety, and sustainability goals over the life of your asset.

Actionable insights save on costs

Our intelligent technology helps lower costs through planned maintenance, which reduces the number of cycles and wellsite visits. In turn, travel-related emissions are reduced.

Industry-first digital position sensing streamlines wellhead installation
An operator used our sensors and associated software to analyze equipment position. Signals from the sensors placed on the wellhead confirmed whether the hanger or packoff assembly was successfully landed, eliminating NPT due to misalignment, debris, or both.
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